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When consult ?

The Osteopath is often consulted in time of crisis, following a trauma or after a bad move. In general, few sessions are required to remove the pain depending on the severity of the injury and the age. (2/5 sessions)


However, Osteopathy is primarily a preventive medicine :


One or twice a year, a check up of the structure and health of your body is necessary in order to avoid future pain and/or muscle injuries along with joint, nervous and digestive issues.


The human body is similar to a mechanical engine which requires regular maintenance in order to work at its best. (1-2 sessions per year)! Prevent a injury is always better than having to fix one…

When should you consult an Osteopath ? 

Osteopathy has many uses and application:


Joints and muscles

LBP: lumbago, sciatica

Back pain, neck pain: torticollis, whiplash

Rib pain

Sprains: ankle, knee, wrist

Tendonitis: tennis elbow, periarthritis

Hip pain and all pain following a major injury (sports, traffic accident, head injury, etc.).


Thermique nervous and vascular system

Headache (headache), migraine

Neuralgia: cruralgia, sciatica, neuralgia cervicobrachial


The autonomic nervous system

Stress, anguish, anxiety, depression, hyperventilation, irritability, tightness, sleep disorders.


The digestive system and visceral

Digestive disorders: constipation, diarrhea, bloating

Pregnancy care: hiatal hernia, liver-gallbladder disorders, functional pain of the pelvis.


The aftermath of trauma

Road accidents

Falls and shocks: tailbone, shoulder, skull

Post surgical healing after work.


ENT and pulmonary systems

Chronic sinusitis, imbalance, dizziness, tinnitus, swallowing disorders


The various problems of infant and young child after a difficult delivery (induced, delayed effects of forceps, vacuum, cesarean)

Sleep disorders, restlessness, lack of concentration, short-tempered condition, aggressive, digestive problems, ENT problems, blocked tear duct, scoliosis, torticollis, etc.


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