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Progress of a meeting

The consultation with last for 45 minutes total. Each session is divided in 3 steps. 


Step 1 : Background of the patient and medical history 


The osteopath will trace the history of his patient in order to understand better the reason of the meeting and the origin of the symptoms. ( medical, surgical, traumatic, ect..). The patient will also be questioned about his lifestyle and mental state of mind. 


Researching events of stress, overwork and shock are also part of understanding better the patient for its rehabilitation. 

All those informations will help the osteopath to make an accusation diagnosis. 


Step 2 : Test 


The osteopath practises a series of medical tests which allows him to redirect the patient if necessary. 

A complete examination of the body will be made by hand in order to test the mobility of the different structure and identify the cause of the pain. The result will lead to an osteopathic diagnosis. 


Step 3 : Treatment 


The Therapist restores the malfunctions that were found during the test and will allow the body to regulate itself. 


Before coming to consultation, remember:

Your Additional tests: radios, MRI Scanner, bloodwork

Watch your medical treatment (or take your order): the osteopath will have to ask you if you take medical treatment now. This will prevent small memory lapses on the name of your medication.

If the consultation is for an infant or child bring the blanket and health record.


058 60 61 988

Ben Saruq St 14,

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israël


Sunday to Thursday
8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. 

8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.




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    058 60 61 988     

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